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For us, the keeping of proper records is not only, or even primarily, a legal obligation, but also the opportunity for company owners to find out more about their compaines. In addition to the book-keeping service, clients therefore receive a series of monthly evaluations allowing comparison with previous periods or budget figures. The use of diagrams makes the figures even clearer and easier to follow.

Book-keeping is a task that is easily outsourced. The savings that can be achieved in terms of staff and material costs can be enormous. Book-keeping is our core business - we do it efficiently, at a reasonable price and with an eye to the future. Company owners can keep their heads clear to run the actual business, and we take the responsibility. Lists of outstanding items can be prepared, and we can take over everything including the mailing of final reminders to customers.

Information such as account queries or whether a customer has paid or not is forwarded at lightning speed to our clients by fax or e-mail.

We can even organise transport of paperwork (taking the book-keeping documentation from your company to our offices and back) if you like!


It may be a truism: the staff are the most important asset of any company (but it applies for our company too). Personnel and wages accounting covers all sorts of activities relating to staff, and so this area of work is a particularly sensitive one. The work ranges from calculating the wages for the sole employee in a firm who has worked there for many years to complex matters relating to labour and welfare legislation.

Answering queries quickly and competently can help to save large sums of money - at the beginning or end of a period of employment, for example, or when determining the right category in collective wage agreements, representing the company in dealings with employee organisations, reducing secondary employment costs and so on.

In this area, Monika Karpf-Daschütz is really the expert in labour legislation. Whether you consult her by telephone or in person, if you need your firm to be represented in official audits, distraints on salary to be calculated or applications for government grants to be completed: all your inquiries are answered immediately - with other experts consulted if necessary - and the best possible solution for your question will be found.



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