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"There are only four ways of improving your company's results!"
In corporate consulting, the "chemistry" between the client and the consultant must be right. The consultant is the driving force behind the dialogue and the dynamic of the discussion, but it is just as important that the client makes his own personal contribution to the consulting process - after all, he is the expert on his own company.

In this area, we offer integrated financial, accounting and results planning, backed by the use of sophisticated software. While book-keeping and balance sheets basically focus on the past, the budget information represents data for the future which is planned before or at the start of the financial year. The "budget meeting" often lasts a whole day, and very concrete marketing measures are also considered at this time. Generally, these activities are supported in Austria by the WIFI (the Austrian Business Development Institution), which helps to reduce costs.

A report prepared on this basis is provided for the company-owner throughout the year, reminding him or her which of the proposed measures have already been implemented and which are still outstanding.

The accounts prepared by us also, sensibly, include a comparison of the target and actual situations. This is an essential part of the annual budget - through this comparison, our clients can see where they stand financially at any time and take measures to change the situation if necessary.



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