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This is the "classic" product of every accountancy practice. The precise calculation of taxes, both for ongoing matters such as value-added tax and wages taxes and for annual tax returns, is a service that every accountant provides.

But we also try to incorporate your own personal circumstances too: is there any other income you have not considered, does it make sense to split the income (dividing revenues between a number of people)? Are the tax prepayments you are making in line with the expected profit? Our clients trust what we do; as a result, we have worked with them for many years - dating back three generations in some cases - and so their own situation - even personal information - can be taken into account when we advise them on tax matters. As with every form of consultancy service, tax consultancy must provided on an individual, personal basis, and confidence in the discretion of the adviser is also an absolute prerequisite!

For us, preparing annual accounts, completing tax forms and making entries in the Companies Register are routine matters, albeit important ones. Accounts meetings are held regularly, at least once a year; sometimes interim accounts and status reports also have to be prepared. Once again: the - important - routine matters (preparing the accounts) are taken as the opportunity to tackle all the ongoing questions that our clients have, to analyse them and to find answers. We plan tax optimisation programmes for one to two years in advance.



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